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The Assignment Show Table of Contents Overview As a professional in your field, you will most likely want to maintain a personal web space of some sort so that others can find out about you and the work you do, be it for research purposes, giving speeches, seminars, or any other variety of things that bring you and your organization prestige. It is by no means a requirement that you tailor your site to look like a simple, professional space, but a little effort can go a long way. While anyone experienced in web design should be able to complete this assignment just by reading the requirements below, we assume that most students have little to no experience in the area. In the spirit of that, we've provided the links above (labeled How to: HTML, How to: CSS, How to: Validation, and How to: SFTP) as a guide to help you through this assignment. Minimum Requirements: Your site must be hosted from Prism. Your homepage should be named index.html, but every other file can be named as you like. index.html must include: An external style sheet (made in CSS) with the following: Body Settings: A background image or color (not plain white) Some basic text formatting (i.e. Font, Color, Size) A header text class or header-like formatting Link formatting Your GT Prism ID (i.e. gtg123a or gburdell3) A digital photograph of yourself A paragraph of text about yourself A clickable text link that leads to another site A clickable image link that leads to another site An email (mailto:) link that will send email to your gatech email address A link to your mailform page A table with at least 2 rows and 2 columns You must also have a mailform page that allows viewers to send you an email via an HTML form. Your mailform must:
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CS Lab2 ass - The Assignment Show Table of Contents...

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