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Le Chapitre 9: Par écrit. Transportation around and off our campus doesn't have many problems. During a week, it is difficult to find parking spots at daytime because of the commuters. However, if one doesn't leave during the busy time, there is not a problem. Transportation around campus is very simple, if you know the shuttle schedule. Also, driving motos and scooters or riding bicycles helps. Even for those without a car, the off-campus shuttle makes leaving the campus easy on weekend nights. However, if you need to leave during the week, that is a problem. Also, the shopping centers and markets are not always nearby and the streets are not bright. Thus, it is not always safe to walk to off-campus locations. In general, most students prefer to drive a car because it is the most efficient way to get to their destinations around San Diego, or perhaps father away. I suppose a moto would be better, but is not as good on the steep hills on the coast. The train goes to limited locations and one must take a car or a shuttle to get there, thus a car is still preferred. I am a Sophomore, but I do not have a car, so I have to use my boyfriend's car or take the shuttle. I also have a new bike that I like to ride a lot, so thankfully getting around and off campus is typically never a problem. I hope that next year I will get my own car though, so that I can go more places (maybe it is good I don't have a car, so I study more!). It would be good to have a shuttle that one can ride in during the week, but it would be a distraction. Also, it would be nice to have public transportation nearby, but that is the city's fault. Overall, the problems are not prominent because they force students to stay at
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FREch9_10ParEcrit - Le Chapitre 9: Par crit. Transportation...

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