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synthesis essay

synthesis essay - David Chao Writing 1 Synthesis Essay Ms...

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David Chao Writing 1 Synthesis Essay Ms. Ford 4/4/08 Looking at The Godfather through a new lens The Godfather runs deep in the messages it provides to society, and consequently sparks varying opinions about the effectiveness of specific messages. In a particular scholarly article, “Ressurrecting The Godfather” by James Chiampi, he writes a critique not just on The Godfather alone, but on other critics’ analysis of the story as well. Chiampi adds his own take on various cultural messages he thinks take importance in the movie. Chiampi’s major points in his article are characterizing the differences between American and Sicilian societies and identifying the Sicilian values that must be kept separate with the stereotypical American characteristics. Although the article “Ressurecting The Godfather” contains useful information for my researched analysis project, it falls short of providing all the information I need to conduct research for the project. Chiampi’s scholarly article provides support for one of the cultural messages I have noticed in The Godfather , and gives my claim authority. I have noticed a pattern of clash between Sicilian and American values which leads to my claim that the leaders of the Corrleone family are trying to cut themselves off from stereotypical American values, and to strengthen their own cultural identity as Sicilians. The Godfather shows examples of the particular pattern when characters experience injustice after they put their trust in the American justice system.
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The court system is an epitome of the stereotypical American values that the Corrleone family wishes to distance themselves from. Chiampi explains some of these values and writes, “Americans are dishonest, bestial, and untrustworthy, vices they regularly reveal in their business dealings” (30). These stereotypical values can be found in the American court system and in business dealings. An acquaintance of the Corrleone family, Amerigo Bonasera, is betrayed by the American justice system that he had put so much trust in. Having full confidence in America after making a fortune shortly after he moved to the country from Italy, Bonasera
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synthesis essay - David Chao Writing 1 Synthesis Essay Ms...

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