A1-ques - Stat231-Assignment 1 Family(last Name Section...

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Stat231-Assignment 1 Family (last) Name: Section #: Grade = ID: Marks Available: 56 Due Date: Thursday Sept. 27th 2007, 10am in the Tutorial Centre MC6094/MC6095. General Rules: 1. Although it is understood that some measure of collaboration will occur in the assignments, the work you hand in must be your own and differ from those of your compatriots. All help should be cited. Excessive collaboration (ie. copying) is not acceptable. Please read the university policies on what other things constitute cheating. 2. Late assignments will not be accepted. The tutorial center will be manned from 8am until 10am on the date the assignment is handed.in. 3. You must print this assignment and put your solutions ON the assignment pages. The only exception(s) to this policy will be the course note homework. Course note homework can be attached to the END of the assignment. Please use the back if you need more space and CLEARLY indicate where the solution has gone. 4. All graphical displays should be properly labelled and titled. 5. All R graphics output (ie. plots) should be cut and paste into your assignment. Reading the data table into R (Question 2) 1. 2. Open R. 3. In R, select in order the menu items FILE, CHANGE DIR. .. 4. In the corresponding pop-up box, browse and select the folder in 1. 5. Type the bolded code: 6. Columns in the dataset may be accessed using: data$variable_name 7. If you need to you can subset the data into a smokers dataset and a nonsmokers dataset. Do this using the commands: (a) smoke = data[data$sex==1,] (b) nosmoke = data[data$sex==0,]
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A1-ques - Stat231-Assignment 1 Family(last Name Section...

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