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Joey D. Finley: Claim number 0000618027 February 8 th , 2010 1500 S. Boulder St. Unit F, Gilbert, AZ 85296-3757 To: ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF ECONIMIC SECURITY This is a note answering the questions regarding my school. I am attending and the specifics about my dismissal from my last employer. I will list the presented questions and according answers in the order they were listed. Discharge 1. List the hours and days you were scheduled to work. There were no constantly repeating days of work for each week. Work days and days off rotated. Also I and other workers were given extra days off occasionally if management decided to do so based on our current hours. We typically worked Monday-Saturday. Daily hours depended on daily provided routes at start of day. Traffic, customers, and management/supervisor changes determined hours by the end of the day. 2. What was the name and the title of the person who discharged you? Tommy LaBarr, Tempe/Phoenix Manager
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Unformatted text preview: 3. What was your position/title at the time of discharge? Driver/(Lift)Operator 4. What was the last day you performed services for this employer? January 25 th , 2010 5. What date did your employer discharge you? February 1 st , 2010 6. What reason did the employer give you for your discharge? The company insurance coverage for the drivers would not cover me any longer. 7. Explain why you feel you were discharged (Provide Dates). During the year 2009 I had got a total of three minor moving violation tickets. The maximum amount of tickets per year that the company’s insurance will allow is two. 8. Were there any prior warning? In regards to being provided the information concerning the company’s insurance coverage incident limits, no prior warning or explanation was given. 9. Were you aware that your actions could result in termination? I did not believe the minor moving violations would be consequential to termination....
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