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Joey D. Finley: Claim number 0000618027 March 23, 2011 806 E. Garnet Ave., Mesa, AZ, 85204-5807 To: ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF ECONIMIC SECURITY This is a note answering the questions regarding my school. I am attending and the specifics about the reduction in workforce from my last employer. I will list the presented questions and according answers in the order they were listed. Laid off 1. What was the last day that you worked? December 7 th , 2010. 2. What was your rate of pay? $14.42/hour 3. What is the number of vacation, holiday, or sick pay hours you received? 8 hours
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What is the number of severance pay hours you received? 344 hours 5. What is the gross amount of severance pay you received? $4960.48 6. Provide the date of the severance pay agreement, if any. December 7 th , 2010 7. What date did you or do you expect to receive your vacation, holiday, sick, or severance pay? Bi-weekly payments. 8. What days of the week did you normally work? Tuesday to Saturday 9. Hour many hours a day did you work? 8 hours 10. You must supply documentation to support the information given. Document is here in....
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