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az des unemployment questions - hours/week. It is...

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Joey D. Finley: Claim number 0000618027 March 23, 2011 806 E. Garnet Ave., Mesa, AZ, 85204-5807 To: ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF ECONIMIC SECURITY This is a note answering the questions regarding my collage I am attending and the specifics about my dismissal from my last employer. I will list the presented questions and according answers in the order they were listed. School 1. Name of the school/training that you are attending? Kaplan University Online 2. Total credit hours? 180 semester hours 3. What program are you pursuing? Bachelor of Science in Business with a Concentration in Accounting. 4. What date did classes start? September 22 nd , 2010 5. What date will classes end? September 22 nd , 2012 6. What days of the week are you attending school? 7 days a week. Sunday through Saturday. It is considered full time. Online school allows me to do weekly school work online when I want. 7. What hours are you attending school? Varies, depending on the class. 30-40
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Unformatted text preview: hours/week. It is considered part time to full time. 8. Have you worked full time and attended school full time at the same time during the past 9 months? Since I have only been attending Kaplan University, part time, since September 22 nd 2010 and counting September that makes just over 3 months possible. **To answer the provided question thoughNo, not during the whole past 9 months. 9. If you are offered full time work that is during school hours, what would you do? I can do school work online any time I wish. I can rearrange my schedule to accommodate my new work hours. 10. What is your normal occupation? I do not have a normal occupation. I have been a USN ship mechanic, USN Recruiter, a loan officer, a PODS driver/operator, and most recently an Admissions Advisor. 11. Are you seeking full time or part time work? Full time 12. What hours and days are you willing to work? ANY...
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