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CM225 –Business Composition II Problem Solving Example 1. Analyze the problem: John is often late for his online courses at Kaplan, and, therefore, he gets poor grades. What are the factors that contribute to John’s being late to class and getting poor grades? Remember that here we want to focus on concrete evidence and not on overgeneralizations. Make sure at this point that you formulate the core argument. Example: You have determined John attends Kaplan online and is late to Seminar. You could say the problem is that John never wears a watch; but this could be a fallacy. Maybe if you look into this further, you might realize that it has nothing to do with a watch because John always has access to the time at his computer. Maybe the problem is that John needs a reminder sufficiently in advance of his appointments and that the best way to do that for him is through setting up an automatic reminder through Outlook on his e-mail account. But there could be another fallacy here. What if he does not have access to Outlook? Would an alarm on his phone be more effective and
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