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It is important to understand the culture and value system of the particular country that Dalman and Lei plan to visit. By doing so they will be able to behave properly as it is well known to everyone that every country has its own set of values and unique culture and Dalman and Lie behave according to the value system and culture of the country, they will gain huge confidence of the other party. This will also help in understand the other party’s view point. Besides this they should have all the relevant details of the business group. This detail should consist of what they did previously and what was impact on their business and what they missed if there were failures on any count. Also details about the future plans of the group will do help to establish a rapport with the representatives of the business group. Greeting rituals and non verbal behavior is very important for anyone. In this case greeting
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Unformatted text preview: rituals and non verbal behavior like body languages, facial expression and other expressions or the way people speak and converse will play a critical role to clinch the deal as if Dalman and Lei are well prepared in these fields they can be able to communicate effectively and understand and read the faces of the representatives. So having proper knowledge about the country and company will help in evaluate the deals better as what opportunities lie there with the deal and knowledge of greeting rituals and non verbal behavior will help to communicate and understand the representatives better. So these are important. Scott J. Vitell, Saviour L. Nwachukwu and James H. Barnes, The effects of culture on ethical de-cision-making: An application of Hofstede's typology Journal of Business Ethics Volume 12, Number 10, 753-760...
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