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complete, submit your work to the Dropbox . In Section I: Below you will find 2 medical scenarios to read. Please identify 15 medical terms that would be unfamiliar to a layman or non-medical person. For each identified term: a. Identify the prefix, suffix and word root where appropriate. b. Please provide a plural or singular form for the selected medical terms, if the term changes form. Example: Stomach: no additional information needed Analysis: supply “analyses” the plural format Appendectomies: supply “appendectomy” the singular format c. Provide both a technical definition, as if you were speaking to a health care professional and a “consumer” definition, as if you were speaking to a patient or nonmedical person. Example: cardiology: to a health care professional: cardiology is the study of the cardiac system, including…… (and you would supply appropriate info here). to a patient: you are having some problems with your heart muscle and we would like to perform some tests to find out exactly what is going on. d. For each term, use the word root to build two related terms. Example: cardiology: word root is “card/ cardiac pericardial cardiography cardiopulmonary In Section II: Prepare a 500 word or more "script" for a health care professional to use when explaining to the patient his condition and the proposed procedures. I. AMBULATORY CARE FACE SHEET Admit Date: 7/8 @ 20:22 Discharge Date/Time: 7/9 @ 10:10 Sex: M Age: 47 Disposition: Home Admitting Diagnosis: Possible esophageal foreign body. Discharge Diagnosis:
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HS111_Finley_Roseann_Unit_8_Final_Project_instructions -...

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