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Life coaching Final composition unit 9 Rosey Finley

Life coaching Final composition unit 9 Rosey Finley -...

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So life is going on and moving out soon is the option that is chosen. Life coaching is the practice of supporting an individual or team through the process of achieving one or more specific goals. Both the goals and how they might be achieved are necessarily determined by the client. We both know that this move will be very hard on you but the truth of the matter is, is that you can do it. You will have less stress in your life from everything that is going on and you can be with the real love of your life if that relationship does end up working out for you. This type of coaching would help in life because it opens your eyes to new perspectives and lets you view what you can have after living with someone that you can no longer live with. Life Coaching would be a great option for this situation that is in hand. With Life coaching you can be very
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Unformatted text preview: successful, it’s just how someone puts their foot forward. It will be a very strange move but something I believe you can handle. Life Coaching is about experiencing new things and seeing new possibilities and I believe it would be a great opportunity for your family. I’m willing you help you with the moving and help you seek the help you need because as I can tell this is already a very stressful situation for you. This move will be huge for you and such a better experience in the ling wrong since your teen kids are living with their dad and your taking your youngest kids, your children won’t leave a huge mess for you to clean up every single day. Their dad will actually have to step up and be a father to the older kids and you know that the teens need discipline action immediately. Reference Page http://www.wonkie.com/lifecoaching.html...
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