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Joey drives to his job which is 30 miles ONE WAY and works five days a week using his gas efficient car. Joey is tall and the car is small and refers to his Chevy Aveo as his clown car. The gas tank only holds 10 gallons max. The car gets 30mpg. How many times will he have to fill up in 1 month? Assume Joey has no life and drives the car ONLY to and from work. 1 month is 4 weeks. Assume Joey only fills his car at empty and always to full. 30x2x5=300miles a week 30m/g Jane order pens for the office. She ordered 6 times the amount of Gel pens than she ordered ballpoint pens. The price of the gel pens was 2.50 and the price of ballpoint pens was 3.75. Solve the equation.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. What do we know? 6 times gel pens than ballpoint. Gels cost 2.50, ball cost 3.75 2. What are we looking for? How many pens or how much the total amount of pens cost? Needs more info like total pens bought or total cost of both pens. 3. Solution Plan: g + b = T, 2.5g + 3.75b = t$,--((g=6b)) technically 2 equation. ( I will assume a general number of total pens and solve for total cost,--to make it easy I’ll use a multiple of 7~>>35) 4. Solution: g + b= 35 6b+ b = 35 7b= 35 b=5, so g + 5 = 35 g=30 therefore $2.50(30) + $3.75(5) = Total cost $75 + $18.75 = $93.75 5. Conclusion: $93.75 total cost for both pens....
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