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Use keywords when having to digest lots of information, it helps teach the mind to remember concepts with a single word. Use "image relation". Whatever concept you're studying; try to imaging it in your head. For example, if studying for a history exam on war tactics, if you're into video games, imagine you're playing the game within the context of the history lesson. Take regular breaks. When you are working on a big assignment or reading your course material take regular breaks. Stand up, walk around, stretch, for a few minutes… this will help you avoid burnout, keep you focused and give you time to digest the information you've just studied.
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Unformatted text preview: Manage your time. Failing to understand how to manage time is one of the traps that many distance learners fall into. It is easy so say you can go to that movie with your friends, and still finish that assignment that's due tonight, while still getting enough sleep to function the next day; however, the reality is that if you do not develop good time management skills, your stress levels will rise and you will not likely remember as much of the material if you don't give yourself the time necessary to learn....
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