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MM255 Unit 1 Project Form 1A_JoeyDFinley

MM255 Unit 1 Project Form 1A_JoeyDFinley - Unit 1 Basic...

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Unit 1: Basic Math Review - Project You must show your work on all problems. You may type your answer right into this document. Total points for project: 45 points. Projects must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document and uploaded to the Dropbox for Unit 1 . All Projects are due by Tuesday at 11:59 PM ET of the assigned Unit. NOTE: Project problems should not be posted to the Discussion threads. Questions on the project problems should be addressed to the instructor by sending an email or by attending office hours. Part I. Basic Computations (10 points – 2 points each) Round the following number, as indicated: 45,903,673.604 a. rounded to the millions place- 46,000,000.000 b. rounded to the nearest tenth- 45,903,673.6 c. rounded to the nearest whole number- 45,903,674 d. rounded to the hundreds place- 45,903,700 e. rounded to the hundredths place- 45,903,673.60
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2. Julie is planning to make a garden in her backyard. The garden will be rectangular - 55 feet on one side and 72 feet on the other side. In order to keep animals out of the garden, Julie will be building a wire fence to protect the garden. To prepare the soil in the garden, she will be treating the soil with a special fertilizer which prevents weeds and pests.
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