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Strategic Choices: McDonald’s A SWOT analysis of McDonald’s shows significant strengths, some weaknesses, tremendous opportunities, and also threats. McDonald’s strengths are substantial in the highly competitive fast food market. One of its most notable strengths is McDonald’s willingness to transform itself in accordance with customer needs and wishes. Its new 24/7 operation is one example of that adaptation, a change that at one location increased the restaurant’s revenues by 4.5%, or $90,000, over just one year (Arndt, 2007). With many customers having to work night shifts, this extended service meets the needs of more customers while it brings in greater revenues. In Shanghai and other congested cities around the world, McDonald’s has adapted to the traffic jams by introducing low-cost delivery service (Arndt & Ghobrial, 2007). This not only helps out harried customers unable to navigate the traffic but also reduces the amount of work necessary in the restaurant; Timothy J. Fenton, president of McDonald’s Corp., states, “we don’t even have to clean up a table” (Arndt & Ghobrial, 2007). McDonald’s has even changed its look and its menu offerings to accommodate customers’ new preferences for a Starbucks-like ambiance and McDonald’s does have some weaknesses, one of which is its
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Strategic Choices-McDonald's - 1 Strategic Choices:...

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