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Summary of Week 2 Seminar - of concluding sentence of...

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Summary of Week 2 Seminar Presented: September 30, 2010 Proctor: Professor Jolan Bishop Student: Joey D. Finley Writing a Strong Paragraph What is a paragraph? It’s a group of sentences that form an idea. A good paragraph should at least 5 sentences long. It should start with a topic sentence or the main idea of the paragraph. The body should explain in detail the topic of the paragraph. Now, for practice… Major League baseball in the 1990 to early 2010s, steroid use increased sharply. What kind of information supports and develops the idea. Use statistics from reliable sources, to back of facts or points used to supports information inside body of a paragraph. Give credit or citation of sources used. Use transitional sentences to guide reader as to the direction the paper is going to. Concluding a paragraph needs closure or summary of paragraph. Transition into next paragraph can be use if applicable. Possible cause of topic sentence can lead to effect
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Unformatted text preview: of concluding sentence of paragraph. Prewriting in writing is necessary. It overcomes writers block. There are different types of prewriting. It helps to prepare for writing projects, throwing out ideas. Brainstorming is a common term synonymies with prewriting. Some other strategies are: free writing, ling, questioning, and clustering. Just jot down stuff that comes into your mind. Do not worry about grammar or format or being proper in any way. Give yourself stuff to write about. Listing can be used to sub categorize the main topic of a paper. Questioning can be asking yourself what you now or what you want your audience to know. Questioning can who, what, where, why, and how. Clustering can also be referred to as mapping. Clustering can be a nonlinear activity that generates ideas, images and feelings around a stimulus word or grouping like or similar ideas, branching off of a main topic or idea....
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