To Russ from Joey - 1 Dear Russell I am going to try...

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1 August 21, 2010 Dear Russell, I am going to try something where each paragraph will be a different font type. Do me a favor and tell me which one you prefer by how easier it is to read or if just because you like it the best. I’ll start with the next one. So I figure you have gotten the letter that Rosey had sent you separate, obviously, of this one. I’ll be honest in saying, that for me to write (or type as I am now) a letter, I really need to be in a somewhat comfortable and fairly quiet state of mind or else I end up sounding like gibberish and non coherent sentences. That “just right” scenario doesn’t happen that often and isn’t exactly right there at this moment but the kids are busy watching a Scooby Doo movie and Rosey is cooking dinner. It’s Saturday night. So I want to make sure that I am able to say at least I that I plan to say in that letter, particularly this one right now. Anyway, I read in your most recent letter that described your  typical day, the day it came in, which I will come back to later Rosey  had already begun another letter responding to your apologetic letter, so  she just finished it with replying to your last letter too. I am explaining  all of this to you so you understand that as much as I would love to write  you back ASAP more often, that I would rather you received a more  quality filled letter, at least from me. As for Rosey, she likes to reply  really quickly and get it out ASAP. Getting back to you and your letter, I have re-read it once so  far, perhaps I’ll read it again to reference and comment on certain 
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areas of your letter that I think to be mentioned and expands on  those points. I don’t know, if for you, reading this might sound  2 different than what you may have been used to hearing how I talk,  but I think that I write or type differently than how I talk so bare  with it. I actually started to reply originally by hand writing this  letter, but realized that even without having the internet, because  it and our cable got disconnected, I could still print out word docs  or letters, so that’s what I am doing.  There really is so much that I want to cover in this letter, and  I keep getting distracted or sidetracked but its late Saturday night,  right now, so I will do what I can and hopefully finish tomorrow,  and have it out by Monday.  I really wanted to make sure I mentioned to you about what  you said about how dad had treated us, or more specifically you,  in your letter. I am not trying to defend him as if I think he is nor  was the perfect father, because I don’t think that. You said that  HE was the one who took you out of special education classes 
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To Russ from Joey - 1 Dear Russell I am going to try...

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