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Turnitin_Originality_Report_167777323 Bus Eth Sx Dscr

Turnitin_Originality_Report_167777323 Bus Eth Sx Dscr - 47...

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turn off anonymous marking Please state reason for turning off Anonymous Marking for: Warning: Administrator has access to this information. This setting is permanent. This is a preview of the print version of your report. Please click "print" to continue or "done" to close this window. done color-code matches: default mode: auto-navigation: Save Cancel Word Count: words Percentage: % or Cancel preferences help Document Viewer Turnitin Originality Report Processed on: 01-23-11 6:31 PM CST ID: 167777323 Word Count: 90 Submitted: 1 Business Ethics Sex Discrim By Joey Finley submit cancel submit
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Similarity Index 76% What's this? Similarity by Source Internet Sources: 76% Publications: 0% Student Papers: N/A exclude quoted exclude bibliography exclude small matches download print mode: show highest matches together show matches one at a time quickview (classic) report
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Unformatted text preview: 47% match (Internet from 1/14/11) http://www.buzzle.com/articles/gender-discrimination-in-the-workplace.html 29% match (Internet from 11/18/08) http://www.paperfetcher.com/termpapers/business/ethics_international_business/17.shtml The main purpose of my memo is to inform you about discrimination at workplace. The most evident effect of gender discrimination in the workplace reflects in the performance of the company. An organization in which gender discrimination is rampant, compromises on the quality of work of tits employees. Surely the affected individuals cannot work under stressful conditions. It comes to my attention that in today's quickly changing world, as leaders of our corporation, and in fact all leaders of corporation, we are under increased ethical security from the public. A...
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Turnitin_Originality_Report_167777323 Bus Eth Sx Dscr - 47...

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