Unit 3 Assigment-Joey Finley

Unit 3 Assigment-Joey Finley - “Pick of the Month”. We...

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Music Unlimited Customer Service Complaint Dept. Rep# 867-5309-Joey Finley 1234 Hanging Note Way Lands’ End, ME 04321 October 9, 2010 Denise Wall 1234 Riverside Rd. Peralta, NM 87042 Dear Ms. Wall: We appreciate you choosing Music Unlimited as a provider for your entertainment. It is unfortunate that you were not pleased with the CDs that you had received from our club. As per the contract that you agreed to upon clicking the button stating “I Agree” at the bottom of the contract details that could only be clicked once the reader had scrolled to the bottom, you had signed up for the automatic shipment of “Pick of the Month” CD. It is stated in large words, READ CAREFULLY above the contract. You have already received 3 CDs since you initially signed the contract yet only recently wrote the letter of your discontent. If you had wrote us before the first shipment, special consideration might have been taken at that time. You are contractually obligated to continuing your membership and as per the agreement you will remain in the automatic shipment of
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Unformatted text preview: “Pick of the Month”. We value you as a customer, but if you cancel your checking account, your MU account will be sent to collections for the remainder of what you owe, which most likely would severely impact your credit score. We here at Music Unlimited respect each customer to the highest degree and strive to assist each customer in the maximum capacity that we are allowed. In consideration of your unique situation, I have been authorized to allow you to choose up to 6 additional CD at no additional cost beyond your regular monthly charges. Effectively you would buy the “Pick of the Month” and getting one free. Notice, with you already having purchased 3 CD’s you have now 3 FREE CDs to choose from our selections. You will have 1 free CD in addition to each of the remaining CDs that you will be charged for during the remainder of your membership. Best regards, Rep# 867-5309-Joey Finley...
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