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The article says that on demand software is making great strides into sales automation as B2B and EDI  technologies continue to improve their sophistication. On demand software for supply chain management  is fast becoming a practical alternative to companies at each level of the supply chain. Speed of  implementation, ease of maintenance, and good ROI are some of the other advantages of on demand  software. The market for on demand software is generating interest in various verticals from companies of  different sizes. The activity of on demand software vendors has been on the rise; however, supply chain  solutions that help small businesses are still a rarity. Most of the ERP solutions in the market don’t cater to 
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Unformatted text preview: the supply-chain needs of small businesses. On demand software could help small businesses or start-up companies with limited information technology resources and budget in finding a way to access state-of-the-art technology for supply chain management, all the while ensuring that the level of business interruption is kept to a bare minimum. Low costs by means of monthly payments in place of long-run commitments, higher level of control on those costs, and greater capability to run applications using a lesser proportion of information technology resources are factors that make maintenance an advantage....
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