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JAD is all about involving customers in the process of designing and developing their applications. It’s a  fact-finding way to turn customers into active participants in the development process. The aim in terms of  systems development is to find out what the user’s needs really are and to establish a process that will  cater to those needs. It’s about making use of customer involvement along with group dynamics to create  an accurate description of how the users view their business needs, and then to a solution through  collaboration. Organizational culture is important to all this because it aids collaborative problem-solving  behaviors. JAD objectives can be negatively affected if organizational culture is not conducive to JAD  sessions. If organizational culture is not adequately developed to support the joint efforts needed to 
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Unformatted text preview: create a productive JAD setting, then the process of requirements gathering would be less than fruitful because of the unpredictability. I think JAD would definitely work in our company because the organizational culture is targeted at improved user ownership. Our company has a good hold on business processes. With an open culture that encourages people working in different areas to come together on a regular basis, share their valuable insight on various organizational objectives, and arrive at a consensus, our company shows great potential for JAD success in terms of analyzing multiple information sources and deciding on accurate business requirements....
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