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The management of Trans World Entertainment (TWE) wanted to have each Musicland store in the  country to be up and running on TWE’s POS system in just 90 days. The IT team of TWE was allotted 30  days to complete the integration of 335 Musicland stores with TWE’s backend systems. To begin with,  TWE had a high level of confidence in its CIO, John Hinkle, who had a proven track record of integrating  stores over the past 10 years. To address specific areas of the transition, several project teams were  created with representatives from finance, merchandizing, planning, and allocation. TWE’s software  development director worked in coordination with Musicland's IT staff and mapped Musicland's mainframe  data to TWE's back-end systems. The fact that there was a standardized, proven data interface meant 
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Unformatted text preview: that process testing and validation effort was reduced. Mapping transaction codes and enabling the replenishment systems to support new stores necessitated entering configurations and inventory capabilities along with product-specific stock-keeping unit codes. The task of setting up the stores online involved shipping and upgrading the IT equipment, contracting out the networking operations, and having 25 in-house teams handle POS installations and system training. In areas where there was no broadband service, dial-up service was the temporary solution. All the stores were setup online on time in 89 days. Good relationships, along with standardized and repeatable processes made meeting this tough challenge possible....
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