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The human-centered approach adopts a view that combines and balances the requirements of both  technical and social systems. Social system refers to varied and implicit targets; knowledge; human  understanding; context of business; interaction of human activities; and cultural settings and practices  specific to the application. Technical system refers to the use of formal methods and technology that are  based on rules and are managed through exception handling and performance pointers. The user- centered approach on the other hand gives extensive attention to the limitations and requirements of a  product’s end users at each design level. The user-centered approach requires designers to evaluate and  predict how users could make use of their product. For more reasons than one, I think the human-
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Unformatted text preview: centered approach promises a higher level of effectiveness in comparison to a user-centered approach. The human-centered approach promotes the use of flexible system designs that allow people who work on them to actually mould and handle their work. The user-centered approach is limited in the sense that the methods it uses do not promote human interests due to their goal-oriented emphasis on premeditated technical issues. The fact that the focus of the user-centered approach views stakeholders just as users of technology ends up limiting the extent to which effective, human-centered support can be provided to organizational work....
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