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It may be a good idea for a company to outsource maintenance and support areas of an application  system if they are not its core competencies. The company, for example, may be great at providing  marketing-strategy assistance to its clients. Given that handling maintenance and support activities, and  managing people who provide them, does not generate revenue for the company, outsourcing these  functions and channeling dedicated efforts to optimize the use of its core competencies can be a good  option. It may also be that the company is undergoing expansion or experiencing changes and the  company’s own maintenance and support departments are unable to keep pace. Competitiveness, need 
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Unformatted text preview: for better technical expertise, or inadequacies in the companys capabilities can be strong reasons to look at outsourcing as a source of improvement. The option of outsourcing should provide the company with a minimum savings of 20-30% when compared to getting the job done in-house. The service provider should give the company control over the work that is being done. An agreement with the service provider that requires them to work on fixed maintenance and support schedules could be an advantage. The option of employing additional technical staff to increase efficiencies could also be a consideration....
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