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Checkpoint wk7 due thursday - Running head THE OFFICIAL...

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Running head: THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE MOVEMENT 1 The Official Language Movement Jamie Jordan ETH/125 March 17, 2011 Kent Keller
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THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE MOVEMENT 2 The Official Language Movement Bilingual education is an extensive term that is used to the presence of two languages in an instructional environment. According to Cazden and Snow the term Bilingual education is “a simple label for a complex phenomenon” To determine what type of bilingual education is used depends on the native language of the students, the language instruction, as well as the linguistic goal of the program. Having Bilingualism in education has a positive effect on students who would like to further their opportunities in future employment. Being there are many different languages in our country it helps to be able to communicate with others in the work force and in school. However there are people who attack Bilingualism in education. “Conservatives have created the deception that minorities are gaining an advantage, that bilingual education is discrimination against European Americans.” (Campbell 2010) “The attacks on
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