Legislation Legacy - Running head: LEGISLATION LEGACY 1...

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Running head: LEGISLATION LEGACY 1 Legislation Legacy Jamie Jordan ETH/125 March 11, 2011 Kent Keller
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LEGISLATION LEGACY 2 Legislation Legacy A current issue between Native Americans and the Federal Government is the fight for their land and sufficient social, health care, and education for Native Americans. In the 1800’s the Native Americans agreed with the federal government that if they could keep living on their reservations and have some federal support, which the government could have as well as use the rest of their land. Studies from the U.S. Commission on Civil rights have shown that there has been an extreme amount of lower funding for the Native Americans’ law enforcement, health care, and education, than there is for the rest of society; obviously this is going to cause some problems between the federal government and the Native Americans living on these reservations. I read that there are actually tribes that are trying to buy back their land such as the Makah tribe of Washington. Apparently by buying this land back the Makah tribe will be
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Legislation Legacy - Running head: LEGISLATION LEGACY 1...

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