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Running head: NORWEGIAN AMERICANS 1 Norwegian Americans Jamie Jordan ETH/125 February 6, 2011 Kent Keller
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NORWEGIAN AMERICANS 2 Norwegian Americans It was a cold day today only 14° on May 16, 1861 when my father decided we were going to venture to America. With the growing population here in Asgardstrand, Norway there is very little work, which makes it difficult to provide for a family. He made his decision when he ran across a handbook written by Ole Rynning’s about the climate and conditions of the United States which was much better then the climate and conditions here. (Ole Rynning 1838) I am fearful but very excited for our venture to America. May 17, 1861 today is the day we started our venture to America. We did not have very much money only $200.00 and it cost $33.00 per adult and $25.00 per child to board the ship and $2.50 per person to enter into America. (G, Tjarenberg 1900’s) My father had the remainder of our money exchanged for silver, only later to be pick- pocketed leaving us with no money. While we are waiting to board the ship, there was a very rude woman accusing my father that his only intentions for going to the United States were to be rid of my mom, sister, brother, and myself. I think this woman was a little crazy, she kept saying my father had nothing but murderous intentions and that no one has ever made it to America; we knew different because we already new people that had also ventured there. In fact, we had received letters from them many times saying we should come to America. One of my parent’s friends had gone to America several years before and lived in Minnesota but traveled to California by wagon train in 1850 to get in on the big Gold Rush. He had left is wife and children in Minnesota while he had ventured to California.
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Norwegian American Journal - Running head NORWEGIAN...

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