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If I were Deana, I would definitely let my family know how important going to college is for me and my career. If I did not further my education, I would be stuck in a dead end job and barely making enough to survive let alone support my own family in the future. I would express to them that I would still have just as much time to spend with them as if I were going to work, but instead I will be going to class to further my education in order to get a much better paying job. I would try to express to them the importance of going to college and to not worry
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Unformatted text preview: about me going that everything will be fine and that I will be fine. Another thing I might do in her situation is look into going to college online that way I could go to work and earn money while I am furthering my education, which will put my family at ease about me being away from them. It will also show them I am willing to give a little and hopefully then they will give the support that is much needed from family....
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