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Test 2 in-class-review - Trends: Out sourcing Off-shoring...

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Trends: Out sourcing Off-shoring Fluid organizations Wholesalers Supply chain – speed Wedges Investments Consumer spending Economic business sole proprietorship / partnerships/ LLC/LLP/ corporate Banking \ place t for tentative Set aside programs are programs that set aside a portion of their profits for their employees. False – a proportion of the government business is set aside for small businesses A factor favoring small businesses is there focusing on niches not serviced by larger businesses. True Jim Collins states the two things that differentiate level 5 leaders leader who achieve great results over a sustained time period, are humility and charisma. False – humility and unrelenting drive Off-shoring is having customers in may countries. False- moving work to another country Studies have shown that internal competition within a company will get higher sustained results. False- higher short-term maybe, but lower long term Management is more likely to utilize a negative incentive approach lower in the organization only. False- management is a culture throughout the organization, will use negative at any level
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The amount of data that can be generated by computers and technology can be a problem for business. True- if it causes confusion, slows decisions, and takes extra time
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Test 2 in-class-review - Trends: Out sourcing Off-shoring...

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