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The pure romantic movie Assignment week6

The pure romantic movie Assignment week6 - person...

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A pure romantic movie, with out comedy, is a very uncommon thing. Movies these days seem to be surrounded with melancholy, or some other over the top ploy that pushes down the true sense of feeling the couple has for each other. When a story is written and written with such prestige, it is truly amazing . I have to say these types of movies are so few and far between, that I can not recall the last movie comparable to this one. The Notebook is a brilliant movie and something certainly worth seeing. It is such a magnificent story of true love and devotion. A display of how powerful true love really can be. It is definitely a desire of love and passion I would assume most people yearn for. The Notebook is positively a sad romance as well and does not put lightly the choices one makes and the pain that can be caused from such a bond with another
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Unformatted text preview: person. Brilliantly performed by Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. This story of a love between two young people develops when they were just young kids and evolves into the present time when they are old. This movie is undeniably heart wretching, and a must see. In my opinion, this is the best performance of Ryan Goslings acting career. Rachel McAdams was pure genius in this movie, it was much better than her performance in the movie “Mean Girls.” It is said that the “Notebook” is one of the most expensive romance movies made, but not more expensive than the “Time Travelers Wife.” Although, Rachel McAdams was more beautiful than ever in the “Time Travelers Wife” her performance in the “Notebook” was the most exquisite I had ever seen....
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