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wk6 assignment adverbs - v a...

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Unformatted text preview: % v a httpfllmedia.pearsuncmg.cumlpcplpcp_93899_mwl_axlauoprA_adverbsfindex.html E '9“ X ‘ PageRage Customized Web Search ‘9 'l FIIE Edlt View Favurltes TUDIS Help Norton - Norma Safe Search El £ - Q Cards & Logrins - [m ' : HI Layouts v I] - . Friends v l Mochi Games Ev I Free Cool Games v 33 . $Matenals:cowlss UNIVER... abluejentll xl l a v m n 'Page v fiTuols v years ago in a snack bar in Japan. Here‘s how ll works: You request a song that a k-jay (a ka-aoke djl plays without the voice track the or she has a spemal karaoke machine). Then the words to slowly firmly the song slew scroll down a big screen as the sound track alone plays. You grasp the mike My In” badly and the stage is yours. ll doesn‘t matter how seeder badyou sing; you‘re there to have Fun. loudly shamelessly The idea is to sing leudancl throw yourself into the perlormance shamelessfhen the audience wildly gets with you, shouting encouragement and applauding wild. Some karaoke bars are so popular mu hardly you Wget a turn to sing. Try it; you‘ll like it! scan: 100 IIIAIIIE 0110 ...
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