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Decade Of Corporate Greed ass. wk 7

Decade Of Corporate Greed ass. wk 7 - Decade Of Corporate...

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Unformatted text preview: Decade Of Corporate Greed Decade Jamie Jordan HIS/135 March 20, 2011 Keri Cross Social Composition of the Decade Social Crime rates increase Low income housing goes down Increase in homeless among the poor Low skilled workers out of the job force Deprived the needy of health care Hunger in urban and rural slums increase Social Composition of the Decade Social 18 million new jobs created Periods of full employment 70% increase in social welfare outlays. Economic Composition of the Decade Economic Work force tax revenues average of $20 billion a year increase Taxpayers: Top 10% income bracket­paid 55% 90% of taxpayers­paid 45% Less than $20,000 a year earner 1980­paid nearly 20% of all taxes 1988­only paid 7% of all taxes Economic Composition of the Decade Economic Corporate Contributions to charities increased 10% Inflation outstripped by 6% Fueled the longest economic expansion Low inflation and interest rates Continuous economic growth for 96 months Political Composition Political Overspending by Congress from taxes collected Did not follow the Budget proposal Federal government spent $590 billion Political Climates Effect in the 1980’s Political President Reagan received full measure from the America people Political division The people concept was politically influenced Reaganomics Summary Reaganomics received both positive and negative feedback Reaganomics did not stint on social spending Reaganomics increased the popularity world wide Not only applied in the United States but in other countries as well References References Lauer, M (December 2003) NBC Show Today Media Research Centers Cyber Alert www.mediaresearch.org/cyberalerts/2003/cyb20031231.asp Ridenour, A (January 2004) Reaganomics: Were the 1980’s the Decade of Greed www.nationalcenter.org/WCT010804.html Williams, T (2011) Reaganomics: For average Americans, it was certainly not an era of prosperity www.courierpress.com/news/2008/feb/13/reaganomics­for­average­ americans­it­was­not­an/ ...
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