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The Cold War is this just another war that should not have happened. This war was a dispute involving the Communist nations which were led by the Soviet Union and the Democratic nations which were led by the United States. It was a fight by all means of misinformation, an economic and political war. It was fought in all places in impartial states, places such as Asia, and in the newly independent nations in Africa, It was also fought in outer space. (TK Chung 1979) There was not a part of the world that avoided the outcome of this war. However, until 1949 the Cold War was mainly restricted to Europe and Germany. After World War II, Josef Stalin who was the supreme ruler of the Soviet Union made it clear that he wanted the countries of both Eastern and Central Europe to become the people's democracies to perfect the security of the Soviet Union and to expand Communism, he also wanted the United States to conform to communism. However, the United States was against communism.
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Unformatted text preview: The United States believed in democracy and was in fear of Communists trying to take over, while Stalin grabbed at every chance to try and increase his regime. The United States assumed policies and practices regarding international relations to combat and contain communism. The Truman Doctrine was founded in 1947 to aid in protecting the democratic people worldwide against communism, as well as helped Turkey and Greece who were also being threatened. The Marshall Plan was also created June 5, 1947, which allowed all European countries to apply for financial assistance so they could improve the economy. In 1949 the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was created, along with Belgium, Britain, Canada, France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, agreeing to defend and fight for one another and take action if any of them were to be attacked. This was the major focus of American international relations in that period....
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