week 5 Vietnam War - Running head: THE VIET NAM WAR 1 The...

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Running head: THE VIET NAM WAR 1 The Viet Nam War Jamie Jordan HIS/135 March 6, 2011 Keri Cross
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THE VIET NAM WAR 2 The Viet Nam War The connection between student unrest and the Viet Nam war were that the young adults and the youths were all brought into a war which they did not really understand. As the Viet Nam War carried in to the second decade, the young men who had received deferments because of being a student were worrisome as they approached graduation in fear they would also be dragged in to the Viet Nam War. The governments promise to end these hostilities failed to materialize itself in to reality causing even more issues. Such as, anger and hatred toward authority of National leaders whose platitudes and slogans had proved to be bogus causing students not to trust authority figures, and to question authority of all who were in a position of power or dominance. They also were beginning to question the way things were done by their parents, administrators, Joint chief of staff, even the President on the United States of America. There were many protests during the Viet Nam War held at colleges and universities all over the United States. These protests began because the government came up with the draft. President Nixon was trying to find ways to get more people in to the military and aid in fighting the Viet Nam War. In the late 1960s, President Nixon established a commission to recommend the best way to raise military manpower, to keep the draft or to institute a volunteer army. After much debate within the Nixon
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week 5 Vietnam War - Running head: THE VIET NAM WAR 1 The...

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