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In the 1960’s there was a mixer of people born or raised prior to 1945 this was the year the first detonation of the atomic bomb. These people were the “pre- atomic” people. They were raised in a completely different world compared to people who were born after 1945 (post-atomic people.) The people born after 1945, lived completely different as this generation was raised with both the positives and negatives of nuclear power (unlimited energy and total destruction). The generation before the atomic bomb or nuclear power believed in what the Pioneers did; wearing suit and ties, did yard work on Saturdays, have the house with the white picket fence, fresh baked apple pies, church on Sundays, etc. While the atomic age generation believed that the world would end at any given time because of the threat of nuclear war. However, because of this generation they lived as if there were no tomorrow making way for the “hippies, beat-nicks,
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Unformatted text preview: and Rock-n-Roll. This generation did not care so much about the house with the white picket fence, church, etc. This caused what is known as the generation gap. The Viet Nam war did however influence the counterculture. This new generation of hippies and beat-nicks did not want war nor did they want any killing. This generation was raised not knowing when or if the world would end; they lived their lives not wanting to go to war or have the government come in and tell them what to do or make the go to war and leave their families. Even today there is much of a generation gap. These kids today seem to be able to do whatever they want and get away with it; whether it is because of the parents or law enforcement. Children today are taught IN SCHOOL that if your parent spanks you to call the police. These children think because of that they can do whatever they want and can not get into trouble....
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