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After researching the court cases on Delgado et al. vs. Bastrop et al., Hernandez vs. Texas, Brown vs. Board of Education, United States vs. Jefferson County Board of Education, and Swann vs. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education; the one important factor they all had in common and were trying to accomplish was desegregation. This means they wanted to abolish the segregation of the races in public schools and in transportation to school. They also wanted to insure that all races, (whites, African Americans, Hispanics, etc) received the same treatment in their education. The outcome of all of these cases were similar, they stopped the segregation between one race and the other in public
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Unformatted text preview: schools. According to the textbook, Unlike African Americans, Latinos did not face a Jim Crow system of laws imposing segregation. Throughout the Southwest the states recognized just two races: black and white. That left Mexican Americans in legal limbo. Though legally grouped with whites, by longstanding social custom they were barred from many public places, could not serve on juries, and faced widespread job discrimination. To remedy the situation, Mexican Americans had to establish themselves in the courts as a distinct class of people....
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