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There were many scandals before President Nixon

There were many scandals before President Nixon - service...

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There were many scandals before President Nixon, and it is unfortunate that his scandal seems to be at the top of the list of scandals; maybe it is because the media was able to cover the Watergate scandal more adequate and show the American people that even a President is not perfect. Andrew Jackson was known for adultery and was a major issue with the American people. He married his wife who “thought” was divorced when in fact she was not. Ulysses Grant had the whiskey ring and credit mobilier scandal under his belt. James Garfield had to deal with the Star Route scandal, which was corruption in the postal
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Unformatted text preview: service. Grover Cleveland adultery scandal and having a child from this affair. Warren G. Harding’s presidency was struck by many scandals. The Teapot Dome scandal was the most significant. In this, Albert Fall, Harding's Secretary of the Interior, sold the right to the oil reserves in Teapot Dome, Wyoming and other locations in exchange for personal profit and cattle. He was eventually caught, convicted and sentenced to jail. Then there is after Nixon Reagan and Clinton....
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