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Before WWII the American people were limited to what they could buy such as gasoline, sugar, and food in general because of the shortage of money. However because of the war many jobs were available for the men who were of older age and could not fight in the war and women worked in factory’s building airplanes, ships, and tanks as well as ammunition; getting our economy out of the great depression. Dwight Eisenhower led our troops to victory becoming a war hero. When Dwight Eisenhower became president the Americans felt safe and they thought that the United States was in great hands and assumed everything would
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Unformatted text preview: be fine in our country. There would be no more depression or recession so the American people started buying things again, things that they were deprived of having and buying for many years prior to his election. It was thought that America was turning into a vast suburban wasteland, where the neighbors’ worries over Capri pants would stifle all individuality as well as what people could now buy. Many highbrow intellectuals derided the homogenized lifestyle created by mass consumption, conformity, and mass media. (Nation of Nation page 838)...
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