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According to the text in Nation of Nations, it states the role of women between the 1940’s and 1960’s were to first and foremost be housewives. However, the women in those days also had many other roles. Women working outside the home doubled. Some women took jobs simply to help make ends meet, more than financial necessity was involved. Middleclass married women went to work as often as lower class wives, and women with college degrees were the most likely to get a job. Two income families were able to spend far more on extras:
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Unformatted text preview: gifts, education, recreation, and household appliances. In addition, women found status and self fulfillment in their jobs, as well as a chance for increased social contacts. More and more women were also going to college to get a higher education; however that did not make them equal to men in the economic society. Despite women’s wider roles in society, the media most often portrayed them either as sex objects or as domesticated housewives and mothers....
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