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buing verses renting - the pride in ownership the fact that...

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Like it was said earlier, when you rent there are certain tax breaks you cannot get, however, being a renter, unless it is in the lease, you don't have to do home repairs, yard work, pay homeowners insurance, though you should have renter insurance for your property, When you buy a house, you normally get the interest you pay on the house is tax- deductible, along with any improvements you have to make toward energy conservation, local taxes and possibly more. Owning a house is a lot of worry and work, but think of
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Unformatted text preview: the pride in ownership, the fact that is your yard you just mowed, just planted a tree in, painted that window. The increased value of your house is returnable when you sale the house. So while you rent, it never is really yours, often the rent is less than the house payment. The labor involved with working on the house is generally Nil with a rental....
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