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Unformatted text preview: Comm two week 1 DQ 1 copy There are several steps to take in writing an essay. First step is to know how an essay is constructed. When writing an essay you must first find your topic sentence. Your topic sentence will present your main point, which is written in the introductory paragraph. The next part of your essay is to have supporting paragraphs. These paragraphs support your main point. A typical essay will contain a minimum of three supporting paragraphs. Depending on the amount of information and knowledge a person would like to share with readers, there can be more paragraphs. It is important to remember that the beginning of every supporting paragraph should have a topic sentence. The last part of the essay will be the concluding paragraph. This paragraph typically sums up the topic, and is a paragraph where one can put in their final thoughts on the topic which was written. The writing process of an essay consists of five basic stages-generating ideas, planning, drafting, revising, and editing. A person would need to find and explore a particular topic when generating ideas. Make sure to make a point and support it with facts. Arrange any ideas then make an outline. Once a person is ready to write a draft, make sure to include an introduction that will interest your readers, and end it with a strong conclusion, and a title. When revising, throw out ideas that do not adequate to the topic. The last thing to do is edit the draft. Check for any grammatical errors. What a person decides to write about is what will determine the type of readers that gets drawn in. If a person wants to attain a political crowd, then one would write about today's political world or economy. Typically, when writing about politics, a person would talk about statistics or growing problems that would interest today's American people. Authors are not capable of writing to please every reader. Authors have different methods and ideas in how to write. Authors typically write about what interests them and hope interest others. ...
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