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Comm two week 1 DQ 2 copy The main purpose of a persuasive essay is your reason for writing it. When writing an essay you are trying to show something by explaining it, analyzing it, or evaluating it. You also are trying to make a convincing argument about a certain topic. A persuasive essay is written to try and convince your readers that the topic you are writing about is true in all its nature. You are trying to prove your ideas and beliefs to the reader. In order for an essay to be effective, it must be convincing to the reader. And in order for that to happen, it must be structured correctly. A short essay may consist of four or five paragraphs, totaling three hundred to six hundred words. A long
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Unformatted text preview: essay is six paragraphs or more, depending on what you are trying to accomplish as the author. Once you have a rough draft done of your essay, you need to make sure it is properly structured so it will be an effective essay for the reader. An essay must contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introduction will state the main point. The body of our essay will have at least three support paragraphs, depending on what kind of essay you are writing. And the conclusion will remind the readers of the main point. You must remember all of these different elements when trying to write a convincing essay for your readers....
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