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Wk9DQ3 - ages you will need to simplify your presentation...

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It is important to know your audience when presenting new ideas because people are different, they think differently come from different backgrounds, also people of different ages, sex, religion, and ethnic background, think in a different way. It definitely depends on the audience and the ideas you are trying to present. If you have a moral issue to discuss then you need to ensure that your audience is of a certain intellectual or educational level. The age of the audience matters, if your audience is at a young age, such as middle school or high school
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Unformatted text preview: ages you will need to simplify your presentation, one so they are able to understand what you are speaking of and two, you want to make the presentation more appealing so they do not lose interest. As for senior citizens you should not be too "cutting edge" in your references, because they will most likely not be interested in what you have to say. So basically this means, you need to think about your subject and the type of audience you will be speaking to when you are presenting them with new ideas....
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