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After reading Chapter 15 in our textbook The Art of Thinking; the six guidelines that can help in building better writing habits and to develop a readable style are: Make your writing sound natural. Strive for brevity. Express your ideas in simple language. Put some variety into your sentences. Paraphrase more often than you quote and be lively. Using these techniques can help a person such as my self to improve my academic writing by helping me to make my writing more appealing
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Unformatted text preview: to my reader’s. According to the textbook, using these guidelines will aid or help to improve our academic writing skills. Writing is essentially a learned activity, so habit is more significant than heredity. If the habits you have acquired through trial and error or imitation are bad habits, you will be a poor writer. If they are good habits, you will be a good writer. Observing the six guidelines can help you build better habits....
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