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After reading pages 26-28 in Psychology and Your Life, two research methods I found that Psychologists use are naturalistic research and survey research. Naturalistic research entails that the researcher observing some naturally occurring behavior and does not make a change in the situation. The researcher watches and observes people or animals in their natural habitat, not being able to change the situation; so much sit and wait and observe while taking notes. If the person or animal knows they are being watched they may change the way they act, not being very natural. Survey research is where a group of people are asked a series of questions about
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Unformatted text preview: their behavior, thoughts, or attitudes. There are several ways to perform research surveys. Such as face to face, by telephone, mail, as well as the Internet. The disadvantages of using naturalistic observation are that the fact it may be difficult to decide the exact cause of a behavior and the researcher can not control for outside variables. Disadvantages of survey research are that the “people who are surveyed is not representative of the broader population of interest, the results of the survey will have little meaning.”...
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