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According to the text and authors Glen Wilson and Qazi Rahman, in most species sexual behaviors purpose is solely for reproducing. In humans, and in some other primates, other purposes for sexual behavior in addition to reproduction have evolved. In the human such purposes have been shaped and influenced by cultural factors, so that human sexuality has been expressed in many different ways, varying across cultures and over history. In spite of these powerful cultural influences, biological factors involved in sexual arousal and response remain fundamental to human sexual experience and need to be taken into account in our attempts to understand and explain the complexities and problems as well as the positive aspects of the human sexual condition. Sexual orientation is fundamental to evolution and shifts from the species-typical pattern of heterosexuality may represent biological variations. The growth of scientific
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Unformatted text preview: knowledge concerning the biology of sexual orientation during the past decade has been considerable. Sexual orientation is characterized by a bipolar distribution and is related to fraternal birth order in males. In females, its distribution is more variable; females being less prone towards exclusive homosexuality. In both sexes homosexuality is strongly associated with childhood gender nonconformity. Genetic evidence suggests a heritable component and putative gene loci on the X chromosome. Homosexuality may have evolved to promote same sex affiliation through a conserved neurodevelopment mechanism. Recent findings suggest this mechanism involves a typical neurohormonal differentiation of the brain. Key areas for future research include the neurobiological basis of preferred sexual targets and correlates of female homosexuality....
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