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David G. Myers 10 suggestions to a happier life are 1. Realize that enduring happiness does not come from success 2. Take control of your time 3. Act happy 4. Seek work and leisure activities that engage your skills 5. Join the “movement” exercise 6. Give the body the sleep it wants 7. Give priority to close relationships 8. Focus beyond self 9. Keep a gratitude journal 10. Nurture your spiritual self. The three main types of needs are Need for achievement, Affiliation, and Power.
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Unformatted text preview: The need for achievement is a need that involves s a strong desire to succeed in attaining goals, not only realistic ones but also challenging ones is strongly related to success in school and career. Affiliation is a need for social interactions and relationship with others and has a high need for approval of others. Power is the need to have control or influence over others relates to control....
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