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According to the text in Psychology and Your Life; “In the second stage, the autonomy-versus-shame-and-doubt stage (ages 1 to 3 years); toddlers develop independence and autonomy if exploration and freedom are encouraged, or they experience shame, self-doubt, and unhappiness if they are overly restricted and protected. According to Erikson, the key to the development of autonomy during this period is that the child’s caregivers provide the appropriate amount of control. If parents provide too much control, children cannot assert themselves and develop their own sense of control over their environment; if parents provide too little control, the children become overly demanding and controlling.” With my
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Unformatted text preview: oldest child, I provided too much control on her, which I believe may have become an issue with her after she turned 18. She was a very good child and never complained about me be too controlling; however, she is now out on her own and I think she is trying to experience life to the fullest. She is not in to drugs or alcohol; she just is out all hours of the night and sleeping the day away. Now with my other children I was or am not so controlling, I allow them to express themselves as much as possible, with out going overboard. Maybe it is because she was my first child or because she is the only girl, I do not know but I would not change the way I raised her by any means....
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