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According to the text in Chapter 8 Module 28.2 some factors that affect social development in adulthood are education leaps such as high school, college graduation, and a new career path, moving away or closer to family, making new friends, marriage, and becoming a parent and building their own families. “The entry into early adulthood is usually marked by leaving one’s childhood home and entering the world of work. People envision life goals and make career choices. Their lives often center on their careers, which form an important part of their
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Unformatted text preview: identity (Vaillant & Vaillant, 1990; Levinson, 1990).” Midlife transition is when people in their early forties begin to question their lives as they enter a certain period. “The idea that life will end at some point becomes increasingly influential in their thinking, and they may question their past accomplishments (Gould, 1978). Facing signs of physical aging and feeling dissatisfaction with their lives, some individuals experience what has been popularly labeled a midlife crisis.”...
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