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Wk7DQ1 - personalities At first I was leaning towards...

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Refer to Figure 2 on p. 349 of Psychology and Your Life . Evaluate the Big Five trait approaches to personality. Which personality trait best describes you and why? The Big five personality traits I found in our textbook Psychology and Your Life are Openness to Experience Independent – Conforming, Imaginative - Practical Preference for variety - Preference for routine; Conscientiousness Careful – Careless, Disciplined – Impulsive, Organized – Disorganized; Extraversion Talkative – Quiet, Fun loving – sober, Sociable – Retiring; Agreeableness Sympathetic – Fault finding, Kind – Cold, Appreciative – Unfriendly; Neuroticism (Emotional Stability) Stable – Tense, Calm – Anxious, Secure – Insecure. After going through these five traits several times I have to say I have all of these
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Unformatted text preview: personalities. At first I was leaning towards extraversion and openness to experience; but that just does not sum up my personality. I am independent and imaginative; I am disciplined yet impulsive and organized; I am also talkative, fun loving and sociable; I am sympathetic of others, yet find fault in the things I do, I am kind and appreciative to others and for the things I have. Then there is the trait of neuroticism, I am stable and tense, calm and anxious, mostly secure but at times can be insecure. So I am unable to make a choice on just one particular trait, which makes me now wonder if I am a basket case or normal. That would be the insecurity in me....
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